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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

Eco Solutions provide cleaning services to meet every need


Offering a wide range of services for residential and commercial clients, we choose to use cleaning products that are proven to be safe for you, those you care about and the environment. Below you will find a range of cleaning services we have to offer.

Green cleaning has never been so affordable!

Safe 4 Kids

Our Products are 100% safe for kids so you have peace of mind when the play on the carpet or sofa

Safe Pets

 Worried about your dog or cat? Don’t! They safe with non-toxic cleaning products we use

Eco Friendly

Products we use are 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment

Happy clients

Honest, trained and insured professionals, that’s why we have hundreds of pleased customers

Why clean carpet

Accumulated soil and grit are major causes of reduced carpet and upholstery life and enable destructive, health harming mites, germs and bacteria to work unchecked. Periodic professional carpet and upholstery cleaning will ensure that carpet and upholstery life is drastically improved and the quality in which you and your family life is enhanced.


Domestic carpet cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is one of the most effective Eco-friendly carpet cleaning options available today, as it simply uses natural pre-spray products and hot water (a known germ killer) as its cleaning agent. The hot water is injected under high-pressure down into the carpet fibre, releasing dirt, germs, dust mites and all other particles in the carpet pile. Then powerfully sucked up with the water extraction and our highly-trained carpet cleaning services team will carefully remove stains. We use only the latest in carpet cleaning technology and solutions to help ensure that your carpets retain their original beauty. Professional carpet cleaning at very reasonable prices. We proudly serve residential and commercial clients in Central London, Greater London, and surrounding areas. Quick drying process we kept to a minimum thanks to our powerful Turbo Air Flow machine. We don’t just make promises, we will deliver!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

 Our company also provides commercial maintenance services for your business or office. Planned carpet maintenance gives maximum value for carpet investment. The carpet will have a longer useful life, present a more glamorous image and pleasant workplace. Instead of wishing the carpet could look as great as it does immediately after cleaning. Planned maintenance removes the wishing. It allows the carpet to look remarkable at all times.

Since carpet is not allowed to slip to an unacceptable level, cleaning methods are less aggressive and complex and therefore less expensive. Periodic carpet cleaning also reduces the amount of dust and particulates that find their way into the air and therefore reduces day to day cleaning costs. Many business benefit from our services, they turn to us to keep their offices, retail and commercial space looking stunning.

Get your commercial space cleaned today and present a cleaner business facility tomorrow. Please contact us to find out more about commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance plan.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs in your home are a significant investment. Eco Solutions wants to ensure that they stay clean and in the best possible condition for years to come. Vacuuming alone doesn’t clean your rugs properly. Allergens, dust mites, soil, dirt and hair are all trapped in your rug fibres. Regular rug cleaning ensures that all of these are removed prolonging the life and beauty of your rug to last. We recommend cleaning most hand-woven rugs at least every year. It is also important to rotate it from time to time so your rug gets an equal amount of traffic and light and wears evenly.

How we clean modern rugs

The process is very similar to carpet cleaning method known as hot water extraction cleaning. One of our experienced technicians will inspect your rug thoroughly on both the front and the back surface. It is the only way to be sure that no defects or blemishes are overlooked. We make sure you know, upfront, the condition of your rug. Then the rug is vacuumed thoroughly to be sure the dry soils are removed. The next stage is pre-spray, a mix of a product with water is applied under pressure into the rug. Gentle agitation is done to help spread the cleaning product across the rug area. The last stage of preparing the rug is to leave it for 5-15 minutes for the product to start working on the rug fibres. The next part is the extraction. The special tool is designed to inject hot, warm or cold water (depending on requirements) under high pressure into the rug to wash the soils out of the fibres. At the end, if necessary, spots and stains will be treated. Once the technician is happy with the result he will proceed with grooming to achieve a great look. The turbo cold air mover will be set to speed up the process of drying, usually, it takes around 3 hours to dry completely so you can enjoy your fresh, clean rug the same day.

How to maintain the rug

The best way to keep a rug clean is to keep it from getting dirty in the first place. Removing outdoor shoes when entering the house. Bare-foot or sock-foot traffic is much gentler to a rug than a hard outdoor-shoe sole. This will help to maintain your rug plus everyday vacuuming will prevent soil and dust cumulating in the rug fibres. Protecting the rug is another way of preventing soiling, staining and keeping dust mites away.